viernes, 13 de abril de 2018

Keep calm, drink and relax. The preliminaries

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Do you really find it worth being stressed most of the time?

Although for many of us the answer is "no, it is not worth it", we all know that it is not so simple to put it into practice. In a world that seems to go round faster and faster, where we are demanded and self-demanded to be more and more competent and competitive whatever we do or are dedicated

to (studies, the labour world, domestic and family responsibilities or social dealings and commitments), it is very difficult to prevent stress from accompanying us in our daily routine and its effects from adversely affecting our lives.

Even so, it seems that fortunately our society is becoming aware of the importance of searching for paths and finding remedies to deal with this so extensive pandemic in the Western world. The practice of a sport or physical activity as well as various meditation and relaxation techniques, many of them of Eastern tradition, can contribute greatly to finding well-being and restoring the balance that each one of us considers necessary on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.
On the other hand, we cannot ignore that one of the greatest challenges that often arises when it comes to balancing so many aspects of our lives is time management. "Time goes by", as we often say, but we go through it. We are not just external spectators. And the way we live it, the attitude with which we fill every moment of our existence, regardless of what we have to do, helps us perceive it as an eager bird beating its wings to flee from our hands or as an ally with whom we can share the intensity of the moment that we are living.
From our centre, we are thinking of contributing our grain of sand inviting you to live some of those moments in which we "reconcile" with time, become aware of its presence and live it fully. The group that has participated in the Development of projects teacher training wants to offer a different experience which will allow you to move away from stress and disconnect for a while from the daily activity to enjoy a pleasant and welcoming environment, tasting relaxing infusions that will contribute to your well-being. You will also have the opportunity to learn about their properties and beneficial effects thanks to the knowledge that will be transmitted by a group of Gardening and Floristry students, with whom you will be accompanied throughout the event.

Get ready to participate in the activity “Keep calm, drink & relax”!
We will be waiting for you in the botanical garden next to the bar of our high school on Tuesday 24 April, the day of the celebration of Sant Jordi in our centre.

How do you relax to concentrate on the work to be done?

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